Water Safety Ambassador Program

Water Safety Ambassadors

Mahogany HOA Mini Ambassadors

Welcome to the Water Safety Ambassador Program: Mini Ambassadors! The goal of this program is to further your understanding of the importance of water safety as well as your knowledge of WaterSmart® practices. You will be completing interactive activities on a weekly basis all about water safety. From learning how to put on a life jacket to learning about different hazards in and around the water, and drowning prevention, you are sure to be an expert in water safety, Mini Ambassador.

As a Mini Ambassador, it is your responsibility to share your knowledge about WaterSmart® practices with other people inside and outside of your community. Thank you for all of your help in making Mahogany a safer place—each and every one of you is making a difference! Together, as a collective force of Mini Ambassadors, we can create a significant impact in reducing water-related accidents and ensuring the well-being of individuals around water bodies.

Stay engaged, keep learning, and let’s make Mahogany a safer place for everyone! Click the link to join the Mini Water Safety Ambassador Program!

Our WSAP Team

Water Safety Ambassador Program

The Water Safety Ambassador Program (WSAP) is an incredible opportunity for community volunteers who have a passion for water safety to come together and make a significant impact in advocating and promoting drowning prevention. While Water Safety Ambassadors do not take on life-saving responsibilities, they play a crucial role in educating and raising awareness about water safety measures.

As a Water Safety Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to engage with community members both in person and through social media platforms. Your main objective will be to encourage the use of existing drowning prevention resources and to promote their availability.