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Youth Badminton Tournament

Calling all badminton enthusiasts! Join us for an action-packed day of excitement at the Youth Badminton Tournament on Sunday, June 23rd! From 9 AM to 5 PM, our Mahogany Beach Club gymnasium will be buzzing with energetic rallies and thrilling matches.

📍Location: 29 Masters Park SE
🗓️Date: Sunday, June 23rd
⏰Time: 9 AM — 5 PM

This is your chance to witness the incredible skills of our talented young players as they battle it out on the court, striving for victory and displaying their passion for the sport of badminton! The tournament will showcase players from ‘Early Start Badminton’ and ‘Rising Super Stars Badminton’, both coached by Mahogany’s very own, Phat Ly.

29 Masters Park SE