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Pre-Loved Kid’s Toy & Clothing Sale

Join the Mahogany Pre-Loved Kid’s Toy & Clothing Sale

Mark your calendars for the Mahogany Pre-Loved Kid’s Toy & Clothing Sale on Saturday, March 23, 2024, from 10 AM to 2 PM. We’re converting the Banquet Hall and Marquis Studio into a marketplace of treasures for your family! Take this unique opportunity to declutter and sell. For just $25, you can secure a table to sell your gently used toys and clothing, transforming items you no longer need into someone else’s treasures. Start your application here!

  • Shop Till You Drop: Explore a vast selection of gently used toys and clothing, ideal for keeping up with your children’s growth.
  • Sell Your Treasures: For a $25 table fee, you can participate as a seller, clearing out your space and giving your items a second life in a new home. It’s the perfect way to recycle and earn.
  • Give Back & Get In: Entry is by cash or food donation to the Veterans Association Food Bank, aiding those who have served our community.
  • Network & Mingle: Selling offers a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with other parents, share parenting tips, and form new friendships right from your sales table.
  • Stay Warm & Caffeinated: Enjoy delicious, heartwarming brews from Bow River Coffee, available onsite to keep you energized as you shop and sell.
29 Masters Park SE