Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee is a group of individuals that want to make Mahogany the best community in Calgary. They are committed to meeting once a month and work in teams to put together events, activities, and initiatives that keep everyone connected and informed. They also liaise with the city, the Copperfield Mahogany Community Association (CMCA), and other groups to stay on top of issues such as transit, safety and security, and schools.

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Volunteer Committee Executive Roles

This group helps to organize the volunteer committee, oversee the activities of the group, and work with the Mahogany Homeowners Association General Manager and Board of Directors.

Executive Chair - 
Executive Vice Chair -
Operations Committee Chair - 
Social Committee Chair 
Events Committee Chair -
Sponsorship and Communications Chair -
Volunteer Facilitator -
Treasurer -

Operations Sub-Committee Roles

Safety & Security Chair –
Schools Chair
Transit Chair
Environmental Chair -
CMCA Liaison –

Social Sub-Committee Roles

Community Support Chair –
Dinner Club Chair -
Fishing Chair –
Sports Chair –
Youth Chair-

Sponsorship and Communication Sub-Committee Roles

Newsletter Editor –

Treasurer Sub-Committee Roles

Fundraising and Grants Chair –


Become a Volunteer - Apply Now

Help Mahogany thrive by sharing your skills and passion as a volunteer.  Afraid of commitment? You can join our Facebook group and keep in touch with the latest developments.  We also meet at the Mahogany Beach Club the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm.  If you have any general questions please contact for more information.