1. How do I pay my encumbrance fees?

Please login to your Ivrnet Central account at, or contact the office at 403-453-1221 ext. 1 for assistance.

2. Can I pay my fees by credit card or online?

Fees can be paid online through your Ivrnet Central account via credit card, or by credit card at the Beach Club. Please note there is a 3% transaction fee for credit card use on encumbrance fees.

3. I'm new - where can I get my lake access?

Please visit the Mahogany Beach Club (29 Masters Park SE) with a copy of your Land Title/Alberta New Home Warranty Certificate of Possession/tenancy agreement and government-issued photo ID containing your Mahogany address. The office is open from 9am - 10pm daily.

4. Can my adult children have lake access?

If your adult children over the age 18 are living in Mahogany with you and have photo ID confirming proof of residency, then lake access will be issued to the adult child as long as they continue to reside with you at your Mahogany address.

5. How do I access the lake and West Beach area?

Residents can access the lake and West Beach area using the gate at the West Beach building. As a safety precaution, residents must scan in and out of the area using their mobile credentials or lake card. Should you lose your card or should the card become non-functioning, please contact the MHOA to arrange a replacement.

6. Where can I get a replacement card?

Residents should contact the MHOA to arrange for a replacement card for lost or stolen membership cards. There is a $20+GST fee for a replacement card.

7. Is City of Calgary public transportation available in Mahogany?

There is a limited service. For schedule information please call 403-262-1000 or visit City Transit online at

8. Is the lake maintained for skating in the winter?

Lake ice will be maintained for skating once there is 12 to 16″ of ice thickness, typically sometime in late-December or early January. During the skating season the ice is regularly cleared and flooded to maintain as smooth a surface as possible. Lake ice quality is dependent on the weather and overall climate. The area is lit at night by two large flood lights during park hours.

9. Who is responsible for cleaning up the community pathways, parks, medians and boulevards after pet owners who do not pick up after their pets?

Under the Responsible Pet Owner bylaw, pet owners must clean up after their pets, and violators can be ticketed. City of Calgary Animal Bylaw Enforcement can and will enforce the Pet Bylaws - please call 311 to file a complaint. MHOA always encourages responsible pet ownership, and there are several dog bag stations throughout the Wetlands! Please practice community stewardship by cleaning up after your animals, and educating your neighbors.