2024 Planning

We're gearing up for our 2024 community landscaping plan and your input matters! As we allocate our budget for these improvements, we invite you to share your ideas and priorities. Together, we can work towards a sustainable and beautiful community space that reflects the wishes of our residents.
ELM 2024

The City of Calgary

As a municipality, Calgary has approximately 7 million trees, located on both public and private lands, in parks, natural areas and green spaces. This is a remarkable and valuable accomplishment: in our arid climate, trees are not a natural feature of our landscape, save for riparian areas along rivers. Calgary’s urban forest on public land has an estimated value of over $1.3 billion.

Mahogany residents can assist by reporting dead trees to the City of Calgary through a straightforward process. 

Here’s how:

By reporting dead trees to the City of Calgary, the community plays a crucial role in helping to maintain public safety and the overall health of the urban forest.

Urban Forestry Map

To view City-owned trees near your property, enter your address into the map. If you’re using a mobile device, the ‘locate me’ button will zoom into your location. Before doing any tree work, please contact 311 to confirm if the tree is owned by the City.

Submit a Tree Concern

The City of Calgary’s 311 web portal is designed for reporting issues with trees. Here, you can request maintenance or removal of city-owned trees, inquire about tree ownership, and get help with common tree pest problems.

Outstanding 311 Requests

For updates on your service requests, including those related to trees, the 311 portal provides current statuses. Whether you need tree maintenance, removal, inspections, or help with tree pests, this portal has you covered.

Water Programs

The City of Calgary’s water programs page provides insights on WaterSense, water efficiency, and managing water in drought conditions for homeowners.

Good Neighbour Practices

The Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide outlines municipal bylaws for residents, business owners, service providers, and community rights and responsibilities.

Be YardSmart

The Yard Smart initiative guides Calgarians in maintaining a sustainable, climate-friendly yard that’s both beautiful and easy to care for.