Gymnasium Reopening

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Gymnasium Reopening for Drop-In Sports.
We are happy to announce the reopening of the Gymnasium starting Monday October 18th, 2020, for drop-in sports and family time!
The MHOA have implemented several changes for participation due to COVID-19. These changes will be similar to our current MHOA programs which are currently running and are proving to be successful.
Changes that have been put in place for the Gymnasium drop-in sports and family time are as follows:
• Participants will be required to register for the FREE drop-in sport via Ivrnet. This will be advertised on a 6-week program rotation basis.
• Purposely to maintain consistent cohorts. Residents only. No additional unregistered participants will be permitted.
• The MHOA will provide nets and goals only. The MHOA will not loan out paddles, balls, hockey sticks, etc.
• Participants will need to check-in at reception before making their way to the gymnasium.
• Participants will be required to complete an online health assessment prior to entering the gymnasium.
• There will be a drop-in sport (lead) champion for each sport and family time who will help the MHOA ensure the program is ran smoothly and safely.
• Upon entry to the Gymnasium, attendance will be completed by sport lead.
• At this time, the reopening of the Gymnasium will be open to Residents only.
All drop in program registrations will go live on October 15th, 1:00pm. Registrations will be on a first come first served basis. The sport lead will not be able to book spaces.
Please see additional FAQ regarding drop-in sports.
We look forward to seeing you back at the Beach Club!
Thank you,
Mahogany Homeowners Association
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