For Residents:  

All property titles in Mahogany have a homeowner encumbrance status attached to each title. This encumbrance status are the Mahogany Homeowners Association (MHOA) fees. These fees ensure are for operating and maintaining the Mahogany community shared amenities. These amenities include the Beach Club, West Beach, Main Beach, park lands and lake as well as other enhanced operation and maintenance programs.

HOA Encumbrance Fees increases/decreases are calculated annually by the Statistics Canada CPI index for Calgary. In September, the annual CPI index is used to determine the MHOA fees for the following year. 

Encumbrance notices are issued by email to the "primary" property owner the first week of November each year. These fees are due January 1st and interest and collection fees are applicable for any outstanding encumbrance fees (view Encumbrance Fee Schedule here). Members do not have access to Mahogany Homeowners Association facilities if their member fees are not in good standing. 

Encumbrance fee bills are available to download from the last week in November each year, allowing 30 days’ notice prior to the annual Mahogany Homeowners Association fee deadline.  The encumbrance fee bill notification are emailed to the primary homeowners.

Payments can be made in three ways:

In Person:

Payment by debit is available at the Mahogany Beach Club, 29 Masters Park SE during business hours (daily from 9AM to 10PM excluding holidays).  

By Mail:

Cheques can be made payable to “Mahogany Homeowners Association” and can be mailed to the address below or dropped off at reception during business hours at the same address:

Mahogany Homeowners Association
29 Masters Park SE, Calgary, AB  T3M 2C1

Please note that there is a charge for any NSF cheques processed by MHOA.

By Credit Card:

Encumbrance fee bills can be paid online by credit card at Please contact or call 403.453.1221 should you require any assistance with online payments. Please note: there will be an additional convenience fee to pay by credit card online.

For Law Offices: 

For any Mahogany property sale, please click here to download the Encumbrance Status Request form and email it to to obtain the current HOA encumbrance status amount required to complete property sale contract.

Every law office is required to complete the Encumbrance Status Request form to be able to finalize every Mahogany property sale.